Assigning a tag to an element will help you group similar elements and find them quickly using the global search tool.

So when you have tagged elements, the global search searches both on the element names and tags.

It is possible to assign a tag to any of the following elements:

  • Emails
  • Email templates
  • SMS
  • Mobile notifications
  • Mobile notification types
  • Campaigns (A/B split, multi-segment)
  • Marketing automated scenarios
  • Opt-out and profile update forms
  • Events
  • Contests
  • Lead generation forms
  • Landing pages

Assigned tags are shown right under the name of the element, or in the Tags section of the Properties tab.

How To

Assign a tag

  1. When you are viewing an element in edit mode, locate where tags are shown.
  2. To add a tag, click Add.
  3. When clicking in the Add button, you will see all the existing tags in the project.
  4. You can then:
    • choose one of the existing tags in the list.
      The list shows the existing tags in the project that have not yet been assigned to the current element.
    • create a new tag by just typing its name.
      The tag will be added to the list of the project's tags, and will be available for all other elements.

Remove a tag

  1. Click the X of the tag to unassign from the element.
    The tag will remain in the list of the project's tag. If you would like to delete it completely, you will have to go through tag management