Displaying a Cookie Warning Banner

If you wish to apply data protection measures, it is suggested that you configure and display on your landing pages a banner that explains how you use cookies and provide visitors with the option to either accept or refuse cookies.

A predefined banner is offered within Dialog Insight. You can change the text and colors as you see fit.

How To

  1. Go to Landing pages > Configuration.
  2. Open the Behavioral tracking consent (cookies) section.
  3. Check the option Display an information banner on my landing pages to enable the display of the cookie banner on all your landing pages.
  4. Click Save.
    You will see a template, in both French and English.
  5. Select the language, and change the text of the message, buttons and links, as well as the colors of each element according to your needs. 
  6. It is mandatory to specify a link to a page that provides more information on your use of cookies and on your privacy policy.

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