Group criteria - Geolocation

Criteria taking into account geolocation let you create groups of contacts based on the location of your contacts. This location can be determined by either a postal code (when this option is defined) or a specific location on a map (if either the IP address or geographical coordinates is enabled and configured).

Select or ExcludeOption used to specify whether to include or exclude the corresponding contacts from the group.
Include contacts located at X km or lessSpecify the maximum distance between your contacts' location and the starting point (postal code or on the map).
from the following postal code
from a location on a map
You must either use a postal code or a location of a map to determine the starting point, and therefore need to:
  • enter a postal code, or
  • click on Display map to select the specific location. To do so, you can either enter an address or postal/zip code from the search tool on the left side, or move the cursor  to the desired location. When the location is set, click Apply.

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