Criteria related to relational tables offer multiple options to created very specific groups. There are as many options as there are relational custom tables and possibilities are infinite.

Make sure to test your group to see if you have the proper contacts. You can also ask us to validate your queries.


TableDrop-down list from which to select the table to search contacts.
Restrict to records that match the following criteriaOption used to define specific information to search for in the selected table. Two types of conditions are possible:
  • clause - main clause
  • (clause) - sub-clause of a main clause
FieldDrop-down list of the fields in the custom relational table from which you need to select one.
Field to indicate the operator used in the search to link the field to the value, that is is which condition the value is taken into account.
View the list of valid operators.
Option used to indicate that the selected field must match a specific value, defined under the Value text box.
FieldOption used to indicate that the selected field must match the value of a given field. When this option is selected, a Field drop-down list is displayed to make your selection.
Select or ExcludeOption to include or to exclude the sub-clause from the main clause. This option is only displayed for sub-clauses.
ExpressionOption used to enter a specific code or variable syntax to search for, instead of a value or a field. This option is designed for users with in-dept programming knowledge.