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Criteria related to surveys are used to create groups of contacts who have completed a survey to which they were invited to or identified beforehand. It is possible to select contacts based on the completion status of the surveys (Evolution section) or based on the responses provided to a specific question (Responses section).

urvey related criteria       

EvolutionSurveyList of available surveys to select one survey from.
MomentPart of the survey in which to search contacts. You can search the entire survey, a specific page or even a specific question. If you choose to look for a specific question or page, you also need to select that element.
StatusOption used to find a specific survey, page or question completion status, that is whether it was completed, started or still empty.
When specifying a date, it is possible to choose a specific date, specify that the date matches a value entered in another project field, or requires that the date matches the query date. How the two values should connect is determined by the selected operator.
See a detailed description of the Period field.
ResponsesQuestionOption that lets you select the survey question for which you want to searcn a given answer.
OperatorOption that lets you indicate whether the contact has, or hasn't, select the question.
SelectionChoose an answer amongst the possible answers to the question.

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