To be able to send mobile notifications, you must first add the mobile applications on which you plan to send these notifications.

Dialog Insight supports mobile notifications to iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) apps via Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging.

  • Have a mobile application ready or in development.
  • Have a Google account to access Firebase Cloud Messaging.
Access Path
> Configuration > Push notifications > Add your mobile app button > Platforms tab

How To

In Firebase Cloud Messaging

  1. First of all, you must configure your mobile application(s) in Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging, for each desired platform you have applications for (iOS, Apple).
  2. In the console, note the Sender ID and Server Key.
    • See how to do this in video.

In Dialog Insight

  1. Go to Configuration > Notifications, and click Add your mobile app.
  2. Under the Platforms tab, type in the 2 keys that were assigned by Firebase (Google) in both platforms. Dialog Insight uses Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging service to sent messages to both platforms.

    Once configuration is done, you will obtain your Dialog Insight key (Application ID).
    Each platform has its own application ID.

  3. You need to add the Dialog Insight code to your your application code:

  4. Communication between your mobile app and Dialog Insight is done through an API. You can view request logs at the following address: