Since triggered scenarios are not executed based on a precise schedule, you can only see the contacts to whom the scenario has been applied on the scenario summary page, to show the list of related contacts, and from then, click on any contacts to open its profile.

Access Path > Campaigns > Marketing automation

 How To

  1. In the list of marketing automation scenarios, select the one you wish to view by clicking on the related edit icon .
  2. Go to the Summary page.
    You will see the number of contacts affected by each step of the scenario.
  3. Click on the colored indicator  to view the list of the related contacts.
  4. Click on the name of one contact to open this contact's profile.
  5. Once in the contact's profile, go to the Marketing automation section to see this scenario, and all others who have been applied to this contact.
  6. You can also, if needed, launch a scenario from this page, if the scenario has been configured to be launched manually, one contact at a time, by clicking on Launch an automated scenario.
  7. You can view again the scenario summary by clicking View.