When a scenario is in execution, or when it has been interrupted, you can see its progress in real time on the Summary page. This page displays until de scenario is completely executed, and from this moment, all the different information as shown on the Details page. The Summary page shows the following information:

  1. The message category, if any, and the date and time of the next launch, if the scenario is recurrent.
  2. The number of contacts that were processed from the start of the launch, and those that remain to be processed.
  3. The success rate of the scenario, which corresponds to the number of contacts that reached the end of the scenario with success (196 in this exampleLe pourcentage de réussite du scénario, soit le nombre de contacts qui ont franchi le scénario avec succès (196 dans l'exemple) par rapport au nombre total de contacts traités (dans l'exemple, 1128 - 188 en suspens).
  4. Le nombre de contacts qui ont franchi cette étape.

PrerequisiteThe marketing automation module must be activated for your company.
Access Path > Campaigns > Marketing automation

 How To

  1. In the Marketing automation window, select the scenario who's progress you want to see.
  2. Once the scenario displayed, go to the Summary page.
    If this page is not offered, this means that the scenario is over. In this case, you can see the results under History > Details. See Viewing the Results of a Scenario
Cancel the execution of a scenario

You can only cancel scenario executions that are not completed, that is executions for which not ALL steps have been done. Obviously, all past steps cannot be canceled; only actions or conditions to come.

  1. In the list of executions, select the one you wish to cancel and click Cancel execution.
  2. A confirmation window will display for you to confirm the action. Cancellation is irreversible.