When a scenario is not configured to be executed automatically but manually, a new page called Launch is available to perform the launch manually.

It is also possible to manually launch a triggered scenario that has been configured as such, for one contact at a time.

PrerequisiteThe scenario must be configured to be manually executed, that is that the related launch type is Manual, and the scenario must be activated.
Access Path > Campaigns > Marketing automation

 How To

  1. In the Launch page, select the contacts you wish to target with the scenario in the Participants section; you can target all the contacts in the project or only those belonging to specific groups.

Note that marketing automation messages are sent based on the permissions that are granted to the user who created the campaign. So if a user is subject to message mailing restrictions, the message will only be sent to those contacts to whom he/she is entitled to send messages. It is therefore possible that the message is not sent to some contacts, even if they were selected.

  1. If needed, select the option to include all targeted contacts. This option lets you send messages to all the contacts targeted by the scenario, even if their profile indicates that they do not want to receive this type of message. Example Amongst the targeted contacts, some have indicated that they do not want to receive promotional messages, and one of the messages sent by your scenario contains a message of this type. If you select this option, these contacts will receive the promotional message anyway.
  2. Click Count to see the associated number of contacts.
  3. Click Launch scenario to start the scenario.
  4. If your scenario includes messages to be sent, make sure it conforms to all validation points. If this is not the case, make the necessary changes.
  5. Click Confirm and launch scenario to view a summary of the scenario.
  6. Click Approve.
  7. If needed, you can launch the same scenario again, with different contacts, by clicking on Launch the scenario again.
    You will need to select the targeted contacts.
  8. If you want to see the progress of the scenario execution, click Results. You can also go to the log page and select the scenario and click View.
    If needed, you can stop the execution of a scenario if it is not completed. When a scenario is abandoned, only the future steps can canceled, not those that have been done already.
    Once the execution is completed with success, it will be shown in the execution log. This log will show the scenario results such as the number of targeted contacts for each result (success, failure, abandon, others).

For triggered scenarios to be launched manually and individually

It is possible to launch, for a given contact, a triggered scenario that has been configured to be launch manually.

Note that there is a difference between a scenario by manual trigger and a manual scenario. Manually triggered scenarios are launched for one contact at a time, from the contact's profile, as manual scenarios are launched from the scenario module, for multiple contacts at a time (all contacts or groups).

To launch a triggered scenario manually, for one contact:

  1. Open the profile of the contact for whom you want to launch a triggered scenario.
  2. Go to the Marketing automation section to see a list of all the scenarios applied to this contact.
  3. Click on Launch an automated scenario.
  4. Select the desired scenario in the list of available triggered scenarios (those that were set to be manual).
    You can validate that is it the right scenario by clicking on View to see its summary.
  5. Click Launch.