To insert text in a message in the Drag & Drop editor, it's very simple. All you need to do is to drag the text block to the desired location in the message.

To learn how to work with messages in HTML mode, refer to Creating an HTML Message.

Prerequisite The content of a message is defined once the message properties have been created. See Creating a Message Using Drag-and-Drop
Access Path > Messages >EMail

 How To

  1. Once the message is opened in the message editor, find the text content block in the left pane and drag it in the desired location in the message. To do so, you must have first added a layout block to hold the text. Blocks that show in black are those where you can add a text block.
  2. Once the block has been added to your message, click on the edit icon  or double-click on the block itself to open the text editor.
  3. Once in the text editor, type in or paste your text and apply any desired editing options (link, personalization value, image, etc.).
    Other than standard text edit options, you also have message related options:

     - To insert an image in a text block.

    - To insert a personalization variable in the text.

    - To insert an operational or opt-out link, or a link to a contest, web page or any other type of links.

  4. Once you have edited the text as needed, make sure to save When text edition is complete, clickSave and close.