This topic explains how to insert an image in a message based on a Drag & Drop message template.

If your message has been created using the HTML editor, refer to Creating an HTML Message.

PrerequisiteThe content of a message is defined once the message properties have been created. See Creating a Message Using Drag-and-Drop
Access Path > Messages > EMail

 How To

  1. To add an image in a message, select the image content block .
  2. Drag the image block and drop it in the desired location in the message.
  3. Once the element is in the message area, select an image:
  • To add an image, choose an image amongst those shown in the Images section and simply drag and drop it to the desired location.
  • To replace an image, double-click in the block containing the image, or click on the edit icon  shown in the upper right corner of the element; then click on  to select the new image in the file selector. Select the new image and click Select.
  • You can also choose an image that is not yet hosted by clicking on Upload an image.
    1. In the File upload window, click on Select a file.
    2. In the image selector, click on either Upload in library or Upload from your computer to open your file explorer.
    3. Go to the directory when the image is located and select the desired image.
      ** PNG, GIF and JPG images are best.
    4. Make sure the image dimensions are correct. If needed, you can edit your image before inserting it in the message (or form) by clicking on the edit icon. The image editor will open to let you resize, crop or rotate it.
    5. If you edit your image, make sure apply the changes and to save them.
    6. If you have a lot of images and have created categories to group them, select in the Category list the one to hold you new image, if needed.
    7. Back to the message editor, select the image and drag and drop it to the desired location in your message.
  1. To define the properties of the image, click on the edit icon  that is shown in the top bar. You can also click right on the image if you want to select another one.