A message must always be approved before it can be sent.

The approbation can be done right after the message creation or later one, from a list of messages to approve.

Prerequisite The message must have been created and prepared. See Creating an HTML Message , Creating a Message Using Drag-and-Drop and Sending a Message.

Access Path > Messages > Sendings to approve

 How To

  1. In the list of messages to approve, select the message to approve and click on Details. You can also click directly on Approve to approve the message without viewing it beforehand, although it is always better to validate the message before sending it.
  2. If needed, change the date and time of the mailing by clicking on Edit lauch date
  3. If your message includes customization variables, you can view the personalized messages before sending them by clicking on Preview. To use this option, just select the recipients one after the other in the list of the To to preview the message for that person.
  4. To see the results of the analysis, go to the Analysis tab.
  5. Once all validations are performed and the message is ready to be sent, click on Approve. If however you decide not to send this message, click on Reject, and specify the reason why and confirm.