File Import Types

The type of import determines how the contacts in the external file will be added to the Dialog Insight database.

There are different types of import, depending on whether you want to add, update or replace contacts.

Import Type Description
Complete Import type that updates existing contacts in the current project and adds those that are not includedrecords that already exist in the table and adds new ones . This option is the most common.
Add Import type that only adds the contacts that are not already part of the current projectrecords that are not already in the table.
Update Import type that only updates the contacts that are already part of the current projectrecords that already exist in the table.

Available only in the advanced import options.

Import type that replaces entirely the contacts in the current project with those included in the external source file; this option deactivates all contacts in the project and activates those in the external source file.

In addition, you can choose to reactivate contacts who have unsubscribed if they are present in the external source file by checking the related option.

Import type that replaces entirely records in the table with those in the external file; the records in the table are therefore deleted first.

Note: When importing contacts, the system determines whether it should update or add a contact based on the information contained in the field set as the primary key (often the email address). For example, if the type of import is Complete, the system will add all the contacts in the source file that do not have their email address already in the project and will update all the contacts that have a matching email address in both the source file and the current project.

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