Deleting multiple contacts at a time is done using a group. It is therefore form the group edit page that this function is possible. You can use the erasure process to clean up your contact lists, remove unused contacts and reduce the size of your contact lists.

Since this procedure is permanent, the erasure request includes a validation of the affected contacts and a confirmation of the erasure process. The erasure function can only be used to delete A PORTION of your contacts and NOT ALL of them.
If you want to delete all the contacts in your project, you will need to do so using the project edit page, and delete the list of contacts. See Deleting a Project

Once the erasure request is confirmed, Dialog Insight will proceed to the permanent deletion of the selected contacts and all their related data and histories gradually. The duration of the process depends on the number of contacts to erase, so the more contacts there are, the longer the process will take.

PrerequisitePermanent erasure of more than one contact at a time is only possible through groups. You must therefore first create the group or groups of contacts to erase.
Note : The group must have at least one contact for the erasure function to be available.
Access Path > Contacts > Groups

 How To

  1. Go to the Erase contacts page.
  2. In the list of available groups, select the one(s) that contain the contacts you want to permanently delete by double-clicking on the group name.
  3. Click Continue.
    If one of the selected groups is in error or if any of the selected groups have no contacts, you won't be able to continue further.
  4. You will then see in the Validation section the name of all the contacts included in the selected group(s).
  5. If the displayed contacts are those you want to erase, click Erase. Otherwise, click Cancel.
  6. Since this procedure is permanent, a warning informs you of the consequences of your request and asks you to confirm again.
  7. Once this second confirmation is done, the erasure request will be sent to Dialog Insight for processing. The duration of the permanent deletion procedure is done gradually and can take up to a few hours, depending on the number of contacts to erase.

Alternate procedure

It is also possible to perform the erase request from the group edit page, when the group contains contacts, whether you have selected an existing group or just created a new one. To learn how to create a group, see Creating a Group of Contacts.

  1. In the page listing all the groups in the project, select the group in which are found the contacts you want to erase and click Edit.
    If you have just created a new group, your will already be on this page.
  2. In the group edit page, click on the erasing icon  shown on the upper right corner of the window.
  3. The Erase contacts page opens and will already display the group in the selected group section, as well as the list of related contacts in the Validation section.
  4. You can then continue with the validation and confirmation as explain higher.