Editing a contact manually in the application is rarely used as any manual change will be overwritten by any future contact import, unless the change was not also made in the external file imported.

Manual edits are however less risky if the change is related to a field that is part of the primary key. In fact, if the content of a primary key field is changed, the contact will just be added, if the primary key info is unique, as the primary key is used to identify a contact and therefore determines whether the contact should be added or edited during import.

Access Path > Viewing a Contact's Profile

How To

  1. Start by searching for the contact you wish to edit by specifying the desired criteria and click on Search. More info...Searching for Contacts
  2. Once the search results are displayed, double-click on the name of a contact, or select its name and click on Details to display the contact's information card.
  3. When the contact information card is displayed, make the desired change in the proper Profile field.
  4. Click on Save.