Creating permission groups lets you define permissions in bulk and group them in order to further quickly assign permissions to users who do not have to perform the same tasks in Dialog Insight and therefore need different permissions. 


PrerequisiteTo be able to create a permission group, the user must have the following permission at least, or any higher permissions.
OFSYSMaster > Account management > User management > Edit > Edit permissions > User groups

Access Path Account Management > Users > Permission groups

 How To

  1. In the page listing existing permission groups, click on the link Create a group.
  2. In the creation page, enter the name of the new group.
  3. Click Add.
    The group edit page displays and shows the permissions tree, the same shown for granting permissions to a single user.
  4. The permission page lists all Dialog Insight modules. To see permissions related to each module, click on the sign to expand a section or on the  sign to reduce a section.

    1. To grant a permission, scroll to the desired permission to see the related access levels display on the right side of the window. You just need to check the desired access level you want to give to the user. A user can be authorized to access all the accounts of the company, or just a specific account, all users or none, all contacts or none, all communication types or specific ones only, all campaign categories or specific ones only, etc. Access levels and options vary depending on the selected permission.
      For example, you might decide to limit access to some projects in particular or to only specific communication types. It is also possible to restrict access to contacts of a given project.
    2. Once the desired options have been selected, click Grant the permission.
  5. **If you grant a high level permission in the permission tree, all sub-permissions are also granted as they are included in the higher level permission.

    Description of acronyms presented in the permission tree:

    • OFSYS : the entire Dialog Insight suite
    • OFC4 : Contact (version 4)

    • OFS3 : Survey (version 3)

    • OFA2 : Activity (version 2)

Once the permission group is created, you will be able to associate it to a user to grant this user the related permissions, as the group will be listed in the available groups. You can associate more than one permission group to a user, as well as associate a group and individual permissions; however, you have to be careful as to make sure all permissions are compatible.