Overview of Message Results

Access Path > Results > Email / SMS / Web push / Mobile Push

Presentation of the areas of the summary page

1. Header

Message preview as well as a horizontal bar graph summarizing key data, such as delivery, opening and click rates. 

2. Performance indicator

Current messageThe results of opening and clicking specific to the message
Compared to the type of communicationThe results of opening and clicking according to the objective established in the project, and the average of the sendings of your project. All this is established according to the average data recorded for the type of communication assigned to the message.  
Compared to industry sectors*Available for email only

You can compare sending results according to industry averages. This average is based on the results of Dialog Insight user customers. This data is then anonymous and unique to our platform.

3. Pie charts

Area with four graphs showing the safety on:

  • Delivery performance
  • The distribution of openings
  • The distribution of clicks
  • Contacts attrition

The data in these graphs can be displayed in percentages or quantities, or both. It is also possible to click on each of these graphs for detailed results. 

4. Most clicked hyperlinks

Table showing the links in the message that were clicked the most, up to a maximum of 10. To see the other links, if any, click on the magnifying glass  .

5. Performance Result

Results in relation to delivery performance, as well as temporal results on openings and clicks. Results are also available by device type. For more details, refer to the magnifying glass when present  .

6. *For campaign only

Campaign Segments - An area to specify the campaign segments for which you wish to view results, either comparative or cumulative.

Campaign Sendings - Area listing the messages that are part of the selected campaign.

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